Intermediate Part I Book 3 (Poems)

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BISE LahoreIntermediate Part I Book 3 (Poems)

1. How does the poet feel when he hears the rain falling on the leaves?
2. What are the poet’s feeling standing in the dark?(In the Street of Fruit Stalls)
3. What picture of Karachi Slums do we get after reading the poem “A Sindhi Women”?
4. Does the poet want to make us totally care‐free? (Leisure)
5. How can attributes of God help in refining the character of a person?
6. What was making the noise sweet?
7. What does the night mail bring?
8. Does the night mail create any problem for the people?
9. What did the reader tell the rider about the valley?
10. Write the central idea of the poem “The Feed”.
11. What is the Moral lesson which Allama Iqbal wants to convey in “Ruba’iyat”?
12. For what purpose man has been alighted from Heaven in Sachal Sarmast’s opinion? (He came to
      know Himself)
13. Who was sold in the bazaars of Egypt? (He came to know Himself)
14. How does the poet express his feelings of happiness in “The Delight Song”?
15. How do the attributes of God exercise their influence on man’s character?
16. Who was Ozymandias?
17. What do you feel after reading the poem “O where are you going”?
18. Why has the poet used “Cannon Balls” to describe the fruits?
19. Why does the poet feel impressed by the Sindhi Women?


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